Life in the Time of COVID-19: Haircut Edition

How has your life changed during the pandemic? Besides getting to work from home, which I’m really enjoying, I don’t actually feel like my life has changed all that much. I’m enjoying the unexpected slowdown, more intentional communication with friends and family, and having more time to experiment in the kitchen. Due to most businesses being shut down during this time, it has led to … Continue reading Life in the Time of COVID-19: Haircut Edition

Feeling Powerful with Power Tools

There is little in my adult life that has left me feeling more empowered and capable than getting comfortable with power tools. Let’s be honest; they’re loud and scary and can cause serious harm if used improperly. But, they’re also useful as hell and designing and building shit is fun. I’ve wanted to learn how to work with wood and other materials for years. Conveniently, … Continue reading Feeling Powerful with Power Tools

Whipped Coffee

Apparently this whipped coffee, aka Dalgona coffee, is currently breaking the internet. I haven’t been on Instagram and I’m not on TikTok and the trend still made its way to me (thanks Leanne!). I’m not even a regular coffee consumer, but this piqued my interest. I love anything that feels vaguely experimental in the kitchen. According to Google, the popular drink originated in South Korea. … Continue reading Whipped Coffee