Hartson House

This feels like old news to me now, but during the summer I decided to laugh in the face of my fear, throw caution to the wind, and make an offer on a house with good flip potential.

The offer was accepted. Peep cute house below. These are all “before” pictures so you can get a sense that the house was charming and in decent shape from the get-go.

Fast forward a few months, I closed on the house at the beginning of November after which my boyfriend, my friend Kyle, and I promptly began the interior demolition. This massive undertaking is really only possible because they’re crazy, talented, and knowledgeable enough to want to take this on with me. Yes, they are the coolest and I am immensely grateful to have them in my life.

Over the last two months, we’ve torn down and opened up walls, ripped up flooring, replaced joists and subfloor, installed a beam, exposed a chimney, and replaced some plumbing and electrical. We have plenty left to do, but we’re actually not that far away from deciding on finishes. I think I’ll write a separate post sharing progress shots.

Hopefully by late spring the interior will be mostly wrapped up so we can tackle a few exterior improvements and then put it back on the market.

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