On the Eve

I’m 29, it’s Christmas Eve, and I just threw up in my parents’ bathroom. I’m in a really good place in life despite the questionable decision to mix wine and whiskey during a particularly intense bout of battling tops earlier this evening.

I’m at least half drunk writing this post and the room keeps spinning towards me, but I want to remember this feeling because I’m so in love with my boyfriend and so absurdly lucky to have my family and I am incredibly grateful that these people are mine and I can do something stupid like get drunk on Christmas Eve just for the hell of it.

It’s been such a strange year, but an incredibly good one. I realize how fortunate I am to be able to say that. I’m in love with my best friend and our relationship only keeps getting better and deeper. I have a good paying, stable job that doesn’t suck and allows me to pursue other interests. I have a small, but very special network of friends. Life is oh so very rich.

I’m excited to grow stronger and deeper, to live and learn, to love and cherish in this next year and beyond.

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