Just a little daydream

Sometimes I like to dream about running an inn or having a restaurant. I’m not sure how committed I am to either in reality, but it’s a fun distraction to envision the vibe, menu etc.

If I were to open a restaurant in the near future, I would name it Gather. Dinner would be by reservation only and served family style at a single long wooden table with either benches or a variety of mismatched chairs to sit on. I like the idea of forcing interactions and having each dinner be more of a communal affair. Obviously I want the food to be awesome, but I want the focus to be more on the gathering, the sharing of a moment.

Gather would be open Thursday through Sunday I think. The menu for each week would be announced on Monday to encourage reservations later in the week. Monday through Wednesday would be spent gathering ingredients, testing recipes, and possibly hosting other events in the space.

There would be a flat fee per person for dinner. I like the idea of not having a traditional menu with options. If you decide to come, you eat what was planned. No substitutions.

Here’s a mood board for the general vibe I’m going for.

Photos from Pinterest

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