Purple Velvet Hangover

Took advantage of an almost 80 degree day in October and managed to look cute despite being hungover. My boyfriend and best friend took advantage of my lack of self control while watching the debate, forcing wine and bourbon on me to the point I could no longer concentrate on what was going on and just became a happy, cozy blob on the couch.

This outfit was a big hit with the ladies in my office. The top is one of my favorite thrift finds. Purple velvet mock neck? It’s basically perfect. This skirt I pulled out of my sell/donate pile for one last wear. You can’t tell from the photos, but it’s corduroy, mega comfortable, and actually a dignified length so I never worry about showing off more than I intended. The boots were an inexpensive Target purchase from a couple years ago and have held up well. In typical fashion, tomorrow will be about 25 degrees cooler than today so soaking up the warmth while it lasts!

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