Bathroom Demo

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I spent a few hours ripping apart our downstairs bathroom. While still usable, after years of abuse including the last year of construction debris during the renovation, it had seen better days. The bright spot is the door we painted yellow and the floor to ceiling built-in cabinets for storage. It’s a good size bathroom without being stupidly huge like what you see on some of the HGTV shows. Here are some “before” photos.


We removed everything but the cabinets to start with a relatively blank slate which included ripping up about 5 layers of old tile and subfloor. We were excited to find hard wood floors underneath, but unfortunately there’s some water damage and we don’t think they’re worth salvaging so we’re starting fresh with new subfloor and tile most likely. Here she is in all her glory. Kind of gross and scary, but full of potential! We don’t have specific plans as yet, but we’ll replace the dry wall and tile the tub/shower area, as well as the floor and we’re playing around with paint colors for the rest. Stay tuned for the finished bathroom!

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