Why I’m Starting Over

It’s not always easy to start fresh, but here in the online world, it can be as simple as hitting delete, selecting a new theme, and starting again. And to be honest, at least this time around, I had no qualms scrapping my existing content. It wasn’t providing value to me anymore and I wasn’t updating with any regularity, so time for something new!

This reinvention was spurred by a break from Instagram, a lack of fulfillment in my professional life, and probably enhanced a little by caffeine consumption. I knew I was spending entirely too much time scrolling, distracting myself from boredom, and choosing not to create anything of my own more often than not so I finally decided to take action. Inspired by author Austin Kleon’s 30-day challenge, I decided to break-up with Instagram for 30 days in an effort to reclaim my creativity and see where my brain takes me when it’s not constantly being bombarded with other people’s shit.

As of writing this, I’m only about a week in, and I think it has already made a positive impact. At the bare minimum, this creative exercise I’m embarking on is fun and I’m writing more which I’ve been meaning to do for awhile.

As far as what to expect around here, I’m putting no limitations on myself to pursue certain topics or post on certain days. It’s enough for me that I am the common denominator. I imagine over time some themes will naturally evolve, but for now I’m a student of curiosity and I will document the things that add joy and meaning to my days.

For the record, I actually do cool shit on occasion. I’m just now going to take the time to appreciate and document it. Let’s have some fun, shall we?

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