Whipped Coffee

Apparently this whipped coffee, aka Dalgona coffee, is currently breaking the internet. I haven’t been on Instagram and I’m not on TikTok and the trend still made its way to me (thanks Leanne!). I’m not even a regular coffee consumer, but this piqued my interest. I love anything that feels vaguely experimental in the kitchen.

According to Google, the popular drink originated in South Korea. Thanks to my boyfriend, I actually had instant coffee on hand and I’ve made this twice already! It really is delicious, like a melted coffee milkshake, and a fun, but surprisingly simple twist on a basic cup of coffee.

For the first test, I used my blender to aggressively mix two tablespoons each of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water until foamy and double in size. It’s essentially creating an intense coffee simple syrup. I then simply poured it over a glass of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, appreciated the layering effect, and then stirred those bad boys together.

For the second test, I replaced the water and sugar with two tablespoons of dissolved hot chocolate mix, added a splash of vanilla and blended everything with the instant coffee. It worked the same way, but surprisingly lacked the necessary sweetness. If I do it again I think I’d keep at least one tablespoon of sugar.

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