The Argument for Not Saving Things for Special Occasions

I have been guilty of holding onto things, particularly certain items of clothing, meant for “special occasions.” Pieces that are beautiful and that I don’t want to ruin, but that I love to wear when “given the chance.” Well, the fact of the matter is, I can’t take them with me. My closet has reached a point of being pretty well curated. And while my wardrobe may be pleasing for me to look at, the truth is those pieces are meant to be worn and used. It’s fine to take care of what I’ve sought out so intentionally, but if they get “ruined” from experiencing too much, then at least they’ve been given a chance to live, to have a story that goes beyond the confines of my closet. Because if they don’t get worn, I go from collector to hoarder and that just won’t do.

The truth is, life is only ever happening right now. Right now is the only moment we’re guaranteed. Why wait for a moment that may never come to embrace what I love? Because, the truth is, now is the most special moment there is and it’s worth celebrating. Even if at first glance it seems like just an ordinary Thursday, it can be a “special” Thursday simply by using what I love and doing what brings me joy. So if that means wearing the gorgeous heels even though I don’t have an event, or having that sparkling glass of wine on the couch after work, so be it.

Every moment is worth celebrating if I allow it. Life is the special occasion. It’s time I start acting like it.

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