DIY Giant Jenga

The best time to build a giant jenga set is all the time. But, really, with the weather getting nicer and spontaneous hang outs becoming more frequent, giant jenga is a great game to have on hand. With a few tools, it’s remarkably easy to make.

Due to Andrew’s work and our own house projects, we tend to have scrap wood lying around. We used a mix of old fence posts and 2x4s. A typical jenga set calls for 54 pieces. We only had enough wood on hand for 40-something blocks, but after playing several rounds I don’t think we noticed a lack of pieces.

With a pencil, a ruler, a circular saw and an orbital sander, this project comes together in no time. And if you have a partner in crime, it’s even faster. While I cut the wood to size, Andrew got to work sanding. With the width of the wood that we had, we found that 10.5 inch pieces were suitable. If you’re using a different width wood, just make sure your length is 3x the width to achieve the proper jenga stacking proportions.

Make sure you test out your new set with friends and maybe a couple of beers. We’re heading into the best time of the year. Cheers!

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