Watermelon Juice

It’s foolish to even call this a recipe as there truly is nothing simpler, but if you’re looking for an absolutely refreshing, all natural, gorgeous beverage, you’ve got to make yourself some watermelon juice.

  • To make things especially easy, start with a seedless watermelon.
  • Scoop out all of the good pink insides and put it in a blender.
  • Blend until smooth and then strain with a fine mesh strainer to remove the bulk of the pulp. You can discard the pulp or pop it in the freezer for an icy treat.
  • Optional add ins: lime zest/juice, fresh basil, fresh mint
    • Also blends well with cucumber juice (a little bit of water and cucumber blended together and strained)
    • Also makes a good base for margaritas or other cocktails!

It’s the perfect summery beverage and as far as juicing goes, you actually get quite a bit of juice from a single watermelon so it’s quite economical.

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