A Week in Outfits

Woke up to a little snow on the ground and had to scrape ice off of my car!
Weather demanded cozy comfort obtained through thrifted sweater and jacket, PacSun pants, + Matisse ankle boots.
A balmy 40 degrees. Tired, anxious.
Comforted by Madewell scarf, thrifted sweater, Bohme denim, and Veja velcro sneakers.
Still chilly. Thrifted sweater and the coolest pants I own by Elizabeth Suzann.
House closing boss-ass-adult outfit: thrifted blazer and star speckled shirt, and altered Old Navy trousers.
Magical 70 degree day in November featuring thrifted men’s polo, Gap moto jeans, and Onitsuka Tiger sneaks.

I know these aren’t good photos, but I kind of enjoy documenting what I’m wearing and don’t overly care about good lighting or feel a need to take the time to edit them. I love exploring my personal style and a quick snapshot to look back on over time is all I need. It’s fun to see how my closet and confidence have evolved. I’ve become significantly more conscious over what I add to my wardrobe and am constantly culling out what no longer works for me. I appreciate that second hand shopping exists because it affords me a far more interesting and sustainable closet. I put a lot of thought into my purchases before I bring anything home. I’m not interested in having unnecessary excess, just enough to keep my options open and allow me to play.

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