July: A lens of uncertainty

I started dabbling in the blog world over five years ago and with that came an evolving curiosity with photography. I just went back to my first blog, and while it’s absolutely cringe-worthy to look back on, it’s pretty cool to see how much my photography has improved over time with experimentation. I have what I consider a lazy interest in photography. In the age of the smartphone and the proliferation of dslr cameras, most millennials fancy themselves as at least decent photo-takers. I don’t have the passion or drive to relentlessly pursue photography, but I appreciate good imagery and find it rewarding when I can successfully create an image I only first imagined. While I no longer blog regularly, I still have the itch to take staged fashion focused photos, the occasional epic landscape shot, and general everyday nonsense that seems worth sharing on Instagram. I’m not proud, but the addiction is real.

As with any pursuit, knowledge is power. One of my coworkers lent me the National Geographic Complete Photography book which delves into the art and science of photography so I spent the month of July reading up on how cameras and lenses function with the intent of spending some time getting more comfortable with the manual settings on my camera. I didn’t spend as much time taking photos as I would have liked, but this is a journey not a sprint. I expect that I’ll probably mess with photography on and off for the rest of my life.

My favorite photos typically have people in them and if the backdrop is of an epic locale, so much the better. For experimentation purposes I like taking photos of myself, but it’s challenging to achieve certain angles when you’re going back and forth between a tripod and being the subject. Not to mention, if I have any kind of audience I become wildly uncomfortable and horrendously awkward. I’m working on getting better at posing, but it’s definitely a challenge.

I have several photo shoot ideas that I’d like to carry out with friends and likely will. For one, I’d like us each to thrift really over the top poofy, potentially vintage formal dresses and shoot photos in a field or maybe the woods. Similarly, I was inspired driving through a rundown rural section of the state with a bunch of dilapidated barns and houses and I think they would make a sick backdrop for an over-the-top formal photo shoot…kind of a fairy tale gone to hell kind of vibe.

I’ve slowly been gaining confidence and new skills with Photoshop, primarily to meet requests I get at work. It’s such a powerful tool, I don’t think I’ll ever have mastery of it, but it is so cool to play with especially when it comes to distorting or layering images. And fortunately we live in a time where people are apt to share their knowledge with free tutorials so it’s easy to keep learning.

I haven’t officially decided my topic for August, but I’m leaning towards making a conscious effort to read more. I used to be a total bookworm, but I’ve let the internet and Instagram rot my brain. I’m unofficially committing to reading Alice in Wonderland and James and the Giant Peach because I feel like they’re books I should have read as a kid and never did. I think I’ll swing by the library this week and see what I can find. Any book recommendations? Drop me a comment. I’m open to anything but horror.

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