June got bugged

I’ll admit it, I went rogue this month. I had a cold for most of the first two weeks of June (who knew that was a thing?!) and couldn’t psyche myself up to drop money on perfume making supplies so I’m postponing that experiment for now. I didn’t focus on any one thing this month, but there are a handful of new(ish) things I’ve been messing around with.

For one, I’m teaching myself how to skateboard in empty parking lots, feeling like a true hoodlum, and having an absolute blast. I would like to reach a point where I’m confident enough riding around that I might be able to brave the skate park eventually and hoodwink some kid into teaching the weird adultish person some tricks. But first I need to acquire a helmet…and spend more time on my board.

I’ve had more freelance work this month. I just finished editing someone’s book and updating someone’s website. I’d like to keep the freelance train rolling with more marketing and design work. I’m getting so close to paying off my student loans–probably less than a year to go–and I’d like to accelerate the process.

I’m subscribed to Austin Kleon’s email newsletter. He’s the author of “Steal like an artist” and other cool books you’ve probably heard of. In one of his most recent newsletters he linked to an article, “Six Books We Could and Should All Write.” One of these books is an anthology of favorites. I loved that idea so much that I’ve begun construction of my very own book of favorites, full of words that speak to me and pictures that light up my soul. It’s such a fun process. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

So, June was kind of all over the place, but that’s life, yea? July is sponsored, unknowingly, by one of my work friends who just lent me a book about photography. I’m going to spend some focused time messing around with my camera. Cheers to summer, friends!




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