Love is brave. You are not.

Sometimes I feel like Severus Snape with his tragic unrequited love for Lily Potter. Except we’re (unfortunately) not wizards and you used to love me back.

You didn’t used to be so afraid of disappointment. You thought we were worth the effort, until you changed the playing field and simply gave up.

The part of me that I’m not proud of still hopes to hear from you. Hopes that you’re plotting how to get me back. Hopes that you never stopped loving me.

But the realistic part of me knows that you are selfish and that you’re a coward. That cowardice runs deeper than I ever realized while we were together–and I don’t respect that.

Love is brave…so, I guess you didn’t really love me. Otherwise you would have figured out how to keep me in your life. I wouldn’t have been the only one trying to make things work.

I do have to say thank you though. I wouldn’t be starting this new chapter if it weren’t for my own brave pursuit of what I thought we could have been. And even though you won’t be part of this next chapter, maybe especially since you won’t be involved, I know it’s going to be one of spectacular transformation and growth.

So, thanks for giving up on me. It pushed me further.

P.S. I am likely well rid of you, but I’m keeping your damn socks.



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