This past weekend…

I was at a rooftop bar with my friend. While we were waiting to order our drinks, this girl started chatting us up.

She had come from Fredonia to meet up for drinks with some guy who was currently at a wedding. I don’t have the details, but my hunch is that they hadn’t met before. Probably an online dating or tinder kind of situation.

We were discussing how neither one of us knew enough about wine to know what we were ordering so she got a cocktail while I admitted I had done some research before hand so I could pick something I’d hopefully want to drink (which, mission accomplished).

But after we got our drinks and were heading to sit down, under my breath I asked my friend if I should ask the girl to join us and she said no. Now, I asked because I knew it would make my friend uncomfortable because she’s shy around new people. But days later, I feel bad that I didn’t. That girl stood at the bar by herself for over an hour.

Missed opportunity to be kind and potentially make a new friend. Plus, I wonder how her date went. I hope it was worth the drive.

I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older that I’m less open to new people. It used to be the most natural thing in the world to start a conversation and be inclusive towards others. But now it feels like too much work.

What if we have nothing to talk about after ten minutes and it’s awkward? Maybe she’s happy chilling at the bar by herself and wants to be left alone. But I could have at least extended the offer to include her.

So, I’d like to send an apology out into the void for not being as friendly as I could have been and I hope that I choose to be more open the next time an opportunity like that arises.

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