The year of perspective

Here we are, three weeks into 2017 and I’ve already learned a pretty major lesson. Or, perhaps had a change in perspective is more accurate.

This isn’t particularly mind blowing and it’s certainly not a new concept, but it’s one that I have always struggled with.

Finish what you start. Who cares how long it takes? 

It’s that ending question that finally unlocked something in my mind. How many things have I decided not to attempt because I thought it would take too long? How many half-finished projects are cluttering my life?

So what if it takes years to build a business? What does it matter that it’ll take months to save enough money for that trip? This is my one and only life and if I want it bad enough I just have to get after it.

I do believe that not everything we choose to start deserves to be finished, but it’s no longer acceptable for that to be my default. It’s a matter of defining priorities, something I admittedly struggle with.

This concept can be applied to so many areas of my life. Whether it be committing to finishing 3 sets @ 30 reps while exercising, completing a new craft project, or getting my proofreading business off the ground. Who cares how long it takes?

This is my life after all. No one can live it for me and I damn well want to get the most out of life that I can. I will not be another person that just accepts the status quo of “this is as good as it gets.”

No. I’m just getting started.


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