…In with the new

25…an unsettled age in many ways. Who knew that as you get older the more you realize how little you know? Lots of people, probably, but not me. I’m slowly becoming more comfortable with the fact that I’ll never really feel like I have my life figured out. There are moments of clarity, sure, and I try to absorb them into my being, but the peace they bring is fleeting. I only hope that as I get older I continue to grow in kindness, patience, and understanding. With that, here are my goals for the year:

  • Create more. I’d like to get into weaving and maybe try embroidery. I have a few sewing projects that have been on my mind and I’m always down to play with paint.
  • Feed the travel fever. It started with Iceland last year. I’d like to continue to go to at least one new place each year. I’m not sure where I’ll go this year, but Ireland, Banff, Montreal, Colorado, and Utah are all on the short list.
  • Get 110 Proof off the ground. I’ve set up a proofreading company as a side hustle. I’m hoping to nail at least a few regular clients.
  • Bake the perfect macarons. My first two attempts were disappointing in different ways. I want to nail this tricky cookie! I just have to psych myself up to try again.

Now for the deep stuff:

  • Ask for what I want. For someone who prides herself on being a good communicator, I am embarrassed by how often I let things go that bother me. I hate to feel like I’m a burden, but I want to remember that my feelings deserve to be acknowledged and if something upsets me it’s probably worth a conversation.
  • Find some stability and keep an open mind. 24 ( 22 and 23, too if I’m being honest) was a year of emotional turmoil in a lot of ways. It could also be categorized as a high growth period. At 25, I’d like the roller coaster to stabilize a bit. I know I hold the keys, but I’m not quite sure which door I want to open.
  • Be kind. The world needs kindness more than ever. I want to contribute as much positivity as I can and remember that we’re all in this together. Kind words and gestures don’t cost a thing.

With that I say, cheers to a new year! There is so much potential in this quarter century mark. It’s 70 degrees and sunny in mid-November. The gods are clearly smiling down on me. Time to crack open a bottle of champagne, wolf down some pizza, kiss my dog and my boyfriend, hug my parents, and maybe head to the beach tonight. It’s going to be a good year.

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