Home of the Free

It’s rare that I feel compelled to chime in on current events. I consciously lean toward the side of the uninformed to preserve my own sanity and happiness. Cowardly? Maybe. Selfish? Unquestionably. Am I sorry? Not remotely.

But the hatred and violence that is running rampant in this country is impossible to ignore.

Make America great again… Well, what makes America great? In my estimation it is this:

We are citizens of the world. We are immigrants with bloodlines flowing from every nation. We are a melting pot of culture and diversity. We are the young cosmic gene pool reborn from ancient history. We are not black or white. We are black and white and every shade in between. We were born from our oppressed forefathers; a revolutionary nation of opportunity and freedom, a home for the beaten and the damned to start over.

And it’s time to start over, to remember these ideals. We are one nation, and we are all nations. We are beautiful in our diversity, and we are ugly in our violent lack of understanding.

Every life matters.

The States must stand United or divided we shall fall. Right now we are falling. Who will catch us?

We can be part of the problem, or we can have a hand in the solution. I think the solution involves love and an open mind. With that in mind, I may not know you, but know that I love you. Deeply, undoubtedly, I want you to live free from fear, free from hatred.

You deserve that.

We all deserve that.

I love you.

Where do you stand?

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